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scrapbooks (for people and dolls)

Before the days of Pinterest and also before the days of pre-made scrapbooking supplies in craft shops, people just stuck beautiful pictures and other flattish things they treasured in books. At least, all the women in my family seem to have done that. My mum and I are making one for my niece. And when I was quite new myself, my mum made one for me.

To me this will always be how a scrapbook should look. Bulging well beyond the limits of its spine and a little bit battered around the edges from so many years of being explored. Here are some of my favourite pages.

These are some of the cards people sent her when I was born and in the top left is a Valentine my cousin made for me.

Four month old handprints.

Here is a tip. Scraps that pop up, or open, or in any way 'do something' will be among the very favourites of young scrapbook beneficiaries (if my own experience is anything to go by at least).

This lucky horseshoe is from my Mum and Dad's own wedding. All these years later, whenever someone says the word 'wedding' my mind goes straight to embossed silver foil and the feeling of a silk flower and plastic fern under the fingertips.

I have at least ten of my own scrapbooks made over the years and kept in boxes in various places and the crazy heat over the summer here, which has sometimes made it hard to concentrate on very much, has really reignited my love of this strange pastime. Here are some of my own recent pages.

I still like pop-ups!

Even the dolls I have been making lately have scrapbooks. This is Alice and she has one in her little bee bag.

If you like the look of Alice (and/or her scrapbook) she is up for auction over on the facebook page Handmade for Humans where she is hoping to raise some funds for Rise: Refugees, Ex-Detainees and Survivors. Bidding ends on Sunday, February 24th.

Meanwhile if you're a scrapbooker of any kind at all I would so love to hear about it!

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