• Anna Branford

new beginnings

I was all ready to start transferring all the posts from my old blog onto this one. Then I started looking through them and thought perhaps instead I'd just transfer my top twenty. And then I thought, you know what? The feeling of newness that has come from setting up this space is quite a special thing and actually, I would like to fill it now with just new things, because so much is feeling new in my life at the moment.

So instead of a big laborious transfer I am just going to collect a few happy memories here.

Like the time I went on a wonderful Lily the Elf tour all around primary schools in Australia.

And the time I spent a week at Varuna, the National Writers' House in the Blue Mountains.

And the time I spent Christmas in Japan...

and met a man with a pin shop who loved pins more than I knew was possible.

Then there was the day I was at Ceres Market with a suitcase full of my handmade bits-and-pieces and I had the good luck to be spotted by a wonderful photographer called Amy Woodward.

And there have been lots of beautiful walks with my partner Ashley, who is my favourite person to bound up and down a mountain with whenever the opportunity presents.

Into the mist at Cape Woollamai...

and getting a bit close to the water.

An ongoing fascination with fungus (this beautiful specimen from Toolangi State Forest).

And glorious views from the George Bass Coastal Walk.

Now. Out with the old and in with the new.

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